This vs. That

This vs. That is a section where I  take two images in which I find similarities – be it in style, subject matter, or the name of the image and analyze aspects of each image and conclude who I think is the winner.

As it will only be my opinion, I would love to hear what other people think too – so tell me did I pick the right winner, or am I completely off the mark?

Round One: Legs                                            Round Eleven: Realism

Round Two: Red Riding Hood                         Round Twelve: Pattern

Round Three: Double Faces                           Round Thirteen: Kingdoms

Round Four: Street Art                                    Round Fourteen: Red

Round Five: Flowers                                       Round Fifteen: Additions

Round Six: Creepy Children                            Round Sixteen: Tattooed

Round Seven: Faceless                                  Round Seventeen: Louise Brooks

Round Eight: Skulls                                         Round Eighteen: The Mouth

Round Nine: Visibility                                       Round Nineteen: Nymphomaniac

Round Ten: Splatters                                       Round Twenty: Fringes

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