Round Four: Street Art

Alice Pasquini vs Vinicius Quesadas

Street art can be an amazing thing.  Not only can it brighten a wall or street, but it has such a raw quality.  I suppose what I like about it is that it’s a one-off and it’s also temporary.  It is there, but at any point it could be painted over and disappear.  Sometimes with my own art I think this could happen too.  Pieces of canvas hanging on wall could be destroyed in a second if an enemy (or super drunk person) decided to draw on it.  Thank goodness we have photography to capture our work, and also these pieces below.


What I like about the first image (Pasquini):

I like the limited colour palate of brown, green and black. It keeps the image together and has an organic feel.  The colours enhance the serenity of the image while also allowing it to ‘pop’ through the mint green.  What drew me to the image initially was the way both the woman and dog appear to be resting on the concrete.  It perfectly integrates the image into its surroundings.  I love street art that does this.   I also enjoy the natural elements that have been created through the spray paint – behold the drips.  I especially like the ones coming down the woman’s face.  This dripping subtly occurs across the image and gives it an overall vertical unity.  The rawness of the image is great.  What is even better is that the subject matter stays serene despite the rawness in technique.  A pretty cool piece if you ask me.


What I like about the second image (Quesadas):

Well firstly, Kate Moss.  Who doesn’t like Kate Moss?  Such a beauty, and such femininity increased by the slinky Siamese cat she is holding.  The simplicity of the piece (which I would say is more a stencil than freehand) seems to merge their bodies into one entity.  Cat and woman combined.  Her face is strong and draws you into the image immediately, which then allows you to focus on some of the detailing in the background – a brushed over pattern that brings the essence of raw street art.  A very limited colour palate again – even more simple than Pasquini – yet well thought out as it moves from yellow to red in a distinct split that somehow seems so natural.  A kind of piece you could see off the street and into someones house – a huge canvas hanging by a stairwell – “come on up”.  Very effective in its simplicity.  Great work.


I’m feeling the burning passion today, connecting me to Quesadas’s image.  The sexiness and energy is too good.  Yet, so is the serenity from Pasquini’s piece.  But I am a Kate Moss fan and the strong colour is making me notice this piece.  The more I look at it the more I enjoy it.  And, if I had a huge white wall near a fantastic staircase I would want to hang this piece.  Congratulations Quesadas, you are my winner.

Do you agree?  Let me know who you would crown winner.

2 responses to “Round Four: Street Art”

  1. Jax Myers says :

    Agreed, and have a large white wall to hang such a piece. Good choice Ms Mckay


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