Round Twenty: Fringes

Mario Sughi vs. Kaethe Butcher

Despite the differing styles, there is something that really ties these two images together for me. When having to label it, I went with fringes, but there is also the duality as well as erotic and voyeuristic elements in each piece. I quite like both of these images today. I hope you do to!


What I like about the first image (Sughi):

I love this image. It is really striking and the colours are lush and wonderful. The subject matter is two women (armed with fringes, of course!) connected to each other but very much posing for the male gaze. They are seductive, dressed minimally and posed in an inviting, slightly defensive manner. The similarities in faces could imply a relationship to each other which adds a slight erotic element, depending on who you are. The vibrant, shiny pink couch adds a sexuality to the piece, reminiscent of lips or vulva. I love the way the women are posed combined with their facial expressions. ‘Come join us, if you dare’ would be my choice of caption. A really cool piece of art that leaves the viewer wondering what would happen next if these women happened to be in front of you in real life. Lovely style as well. Go Sughi!

kaethe butcher

What I like about the second image (Butcher):

Butcher’s trademark style always appeals to me. I love the simplicity of black and white, which allows the line work to speak while reminding me of Aubrey Beardsley (with not quite as much eroticism! – please google him if you don’t know who I am talking about, everyone should know about Beardsley). I love the contrast that Butcher creates in this piece. Each woman (rocking the fringe, of course!) balances out the other with their hair, jacket and knickers creating a yin/yang effect when paired with the other woman. This makes the image very easy to look at while also adding that slight complexity that leaves you lingering on the image a little longer than you may have expected. Much like the contrast in colour, there is a contrast in sexual opinion through the words written. One woman says ‘touch me here’ while the other screams ‘NOT!’. This could be read a serious comment on consent or as something more playful – maybe it is up to you on how you read it. Both women are splayed in front of the male gaze, but something about the combination of two women (and the same applies for Sughi) makes them less accessible to the male in reality. If there was just one woman then it would be simple, but when there are two, and when those two look really similar, things start to complicate. And complicated is far more interesting!


Both images have a playful sexuality attached, as well as that voyeuristic nature which makes them really attractive to the senses. For the winner, I am picking Sughi. I really love the colours and the essence of the women. It is contemporary and fierce while also exuding a lovely eroticism and is just an overall yummy image in my opinion. Butcher delivers a solid piece with a very European essence, but today Sughi takes the cake!

Do you agree? Let me know which piece you would crown winner.

2 responses to “Round Twenty: Fringes”

  1. Hannah says :

    Team Butcher!


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