Visual Female of the Month – June

– Rosie Herdman


Rosie Herdman is a New Zealand-born model, who works under the Red 11 agency, and currently Michael Hooker International. I find her absolutely stunning, and especially love the variety she brings to her modeling. In some pieces she appears sexy and dominant, and in others she is ethereal and innocent. She seems like a sweetheart, so I imagine the latter is more in tune with her actual self, but that’s all part of being a good model – playing the many roles. She’s currently the cover-girl for New Zealand designer knitwear company, Standard Issue, and is making splashes all over. I look forward to seeing more of Rosie in the near future.


Now for the interview….

When did you start modeling and how did you get into this? 

I started modeling when I was around 15 years old, in Wellington. I was scouted by photographer and artist Kelly Thompson who suggested I join an agency, and from there I just did bits and pieces on the weekends and after school. I then moved up to Auckland where my agency is and have been doing it ever since.

What aspect of modeling do you enjoy the most? 

It’s an incredibly social job. I love the aspect of going to a shoot or a show, and pretty much just hanging out all day, getting to know people you haven’t met before or catching up with people you haven’t seen in ages. Especially if you’re in a different country, modeling can be a great way to make friends and connect with people.

What models are you inspired by?

Hanne Gaby Odiele for her outrageous sense of style. Natalia Vodianova, she’s incredible, and all the work she does for children back in her home country.

And my friend Lili.

What are your goals/plans for your career in the near future?

I’d love to travel again, probably to London where it seems all my close friends have gone.

If you somehow hurt your vision, would you choose to wear glasses or contacts?

Glasses! I actually do need to get my eyes tested, things are getting fuzzier and fuzzier.

Excluding sight, what two other senses are your favourites?

I don’t have a favourite, I need my life to be one big sensory experience!

5 most pleasant things to look at:

My boyfriend sleeping (I’m a massive creep) or doing anything really, my family (I miss living with them and being able to look at them every day), autumnal trees, a clear night sky, a good book.

5 least pleasant things to look at:

Violence, sadness, pain, meanness, ugg boots.

Who is the most inspiring woman you know and why?

I’m surrounded by a great many inspiring, creative, and beautiful women, they’re all my favourite!

What is your favourite thing about yourself?

How much love I have for my friends and family. I care a lot about a lot of people.

What is on your bedroom walls currently?

An original painting of a super creepy looking David Bowie and a skull, painted on a red hardback book.

Favourite clothing / accessory / product at the moment?

My black patent loafers.

Favourite artist at the moment:

Gustav Klimt, always and forever.

And finally, any words of advice for people stepping into the creative sector?

Make an effort to connect with people who are creative and inspiring. Having people around that are driven and pushing themselves will inspire you. Don’t be afraid of failure. If you try something out and it doesn’t work, just leave it as an experience and move on. Don’t take yourself too seriously. But that’s kind of just life advice, ha.

rosie.herdman.sitting  rosieherdman.closeup

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