Visual Female of the Month – October

– Babi Tubelo


Babi Tubelo is a freelance artist from Brazil. Her work is very feminine and delicate, with inspiration drawn from japanese prints and the female figure. I love the soft colours she uses as well as the dreamy, creative energy that is present in each artwork. It was lovely getting to know more about Babi’s inspirations and hear her advice to other creatives. I would advise reading this interview as well as taking a look through her interesting and diverse portfolio.


Now for the interview….

Can you please tell us a little about the process you go through when creating your illustrations.

My inspirations come from art and design movements, urban artists, Japanese prints, nature, folk culture and patterns. My techniques are varied, I love work with printmaking like silkscreen and woodblock print, watercolors and ink, some digital too

How long did it take you to develop your distinct style?

Many years of drawing and research…you have to be dedicated and persistent.

What is your favorite thing to draw and why?

I love female figure… is so expressive and romantic.

Do you have any other creative outlets aside from art?

Yes. I’m graduated in graphic design and I love design patterns to.

Do you have a favorite art movement? If so, what one and why?

I love cubism from Picasso and Braque…they totally change the art aesthetics

If you somehow hurt your vision, would you choose to wear glasses or contacts?

I wear glasses and contacts!. Hehe, I have myopia since I was 14…. :p

Excluding sight, what two other senses are your favourites?

Hearing, because music is one of my inspiration, and palate… I love rice and beans,, hehe …I’m Brazilian so …


5 most pleasant things to look at:
Japanese prints
Egon Schiele drawings
Urban art

Who is the most inspiring woman you know and why?

My mom, because she’s a warrior working mom…

What is your favourite thing about yourself?

I’m a good friend to my friends

What is on your bedroom walls currently?

My friends art work

Favourite clothing / accessory / product at the moment?

My brand new Ray-Ban glasses..

Favourite artist at the moment:

Acidum Project… is a duo urban artists from Brazil.

And finally, any words of advice for people stepping into the creative sector?

Don’t give up and believe in yourself


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