Round Three: Double Faces

Kelly Thompson vs Ricardo Fumanal

Duality seems to be a common subject for much art.  And, it is something I’ve noticed especially since starting this blog.  So, whether it is more associated with women I’m not too sure?  It could be, or it could just be that this is what I choose to research.  Nevertheless, it always seems to work as a subject and create interesting art. Here are two images I like that focus on this dual concept while focusing mainly on the face.

kelly thompson

What I like about the first image (Thompson):

I really like how Thompson has incorporated the second face into the forehead of the larger face.  It kind of suggest a third eye or inner mind.  I also love how the shoulder line is repeated and cuts into the nose, while also adding hair over half of the woman’s face.  The gradient from pinky-red through to light yellow works well and connects to the way each piece of the image flows into itself – effortless and raw.  The piece of text on her shoulder adds a little interest and gives you something more to interpret.  I love Thompson’s illustration style and the type of faces she creates.  Overall, I think it is a successful piece that has a good range of interest while staying extremely beautiful.


What I like about the second image (Fumanal):

The contrast of a front-on and profile view adds interest to this piece.  What I like more is the way these two images have been connected, with the hair.  The connection is strange and more jarring than Thompson’s.  But I really like how it covers the mouth of the profile view.  She becomes submissive, allowed no voice, while our front-on woman stares out with such empowerment.  The square line of her jaw adds a masculine energy as does the collar of the shirt.  The profile of the woman is more feminine, as if her look changes when she is not confrontational.  Her features become pointier but more attractive.  The general penmanship of the piece is exquisite; the hair detailing, the smudginess of the faces, the fading out of the body.  A piece, I suppose, that has something to say in terms of gender or feminist studies.  The starkness of the black on white also works here and gives it a rather serious look.  Another great piece that connects two faces in a unique, well thought out way.


I find this one quite hard.  Originally, I was going towards Thompson’s due to its beauty (her work just sits so well with me).  But after writing on each piece, Fumanal’s started to come to life.  The complexity is there, purposeful and apparent.  But then, I don’t know if it quite connects enough as I find myself drawn largely to the front-on woman and kind of missing the point at a quick glance – I only  really got there after more analysis. Yet, I must choose a winner, and I will stick with my gut, and crown Thompson my number one.

Do you agree?  Let me know who you would crown winner.

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