Visual Female of the Month – November

– Meloncholy


Meloncholy (a.k.a Octavia) is a young artist with a passion for expression. Her work is open to interpretation, with pattern, beauty and colour taking centre stage. Meloncholy creates the type of work you could spend hours looking at. The detail in each piece is admirable, while overall her work is provoking with a strong energy and easy flow. Have a nosy through this interesting interview and get that mind of yours ticking!

krome10_905 Back.tif

Now for the interview….

What three words would you use to sum up your art?

Psychedelic, Colourful, Dreamscapes

There is obviously a strong connection to music in your art. Have you always associated the two or is it something that developed as a result of your clients?

I think it has always been intrinsically linked to my art as I feel like both are part of who I am, though it had never occurred to me that I could merge the two physically. Having music producers enthused about connecting their own art with mine has certainly solidified the companionship already there. I remember the day I decided to draw on a record, I made 8 equal segments, blocking out each segment in one of the colours of the rainbow. Drawing upon a grooved surface was incredibly perverse feeling, and I didn’t know if I would ever feel comfortable enough to draw on such an uneven surface in my own style. Once the record was done, I positioned it on the turntable to see what it would look like at 33rpm. The blocks disappeared and there appeared to be no isolation, all the colours just seemed like they were melting into one another as if the paint had been smeared. Spinning the record added a further dimension to my work that I had also never explored, kineticism. I forgot any negative thoughts I had previously conjured about my inability to draw upon uneven surfaces. The whole process opened up a fractal of possibilities, which I’m not sure I will ever be able to get out of.

Do you listen to music while you work? What are some of your go­to tracks/artists?

I find it difficult to work without having something in the murmuring in the background. I have such an eclectic and wide taste in music, that it always differs. I like to listen to my soundcloud feed ( when Imfeeling something new and mixes. A few bits that burst to mind: Gantz Sounds ofIstanbul 1 & 2, Djrum Resident advisor mix, Epoch ­ 45hz mix, ishome – live @onetune studio, Prefuse73 – XLR8R, Lapalux – Fact mix 372, Soosh – Soosh’s 1s and 2s mix andmost recently Sepia – Guestmix for Vivek RinseFm, Young Echo – Unsound Festival Podcast #23, LAS – Reconstruct mix.


What do you hope to portray in your artwork?

I don’t want to portray anything, maybe the absence of portraying or trying to communicate a message is something in itself. I like to allow it to be open to personal interpretation.

How do you go about creating a piece of art? Is it really organic or is there a lot of planning/drafting required?

Nothing is premeditated unless a client has specified the use of colours or integration of something that’s unique to them. Usually I am lucky in the sense that I don’t have to plan anything, drawing is a meditation in itself. I almost feel like I’m in the thick of a dream creating whatever my hand desires, where the veil between creating and reality is somewhat transparent.

Do you have a favourite art movement? If so, what one and why?

I don’t really like to pick favourites generally, especially because I feel like every movement is a precursor to what comes after it, they all have their place in history. But, if I had to choose, I would have to say Art Nouveau, so much of the curves and spirals have shaped the modern doodle and the decadence of the time and attention to detail has left a permanent impression on me.

If you somehow hurt your vision, would you choose to wear glasses or contacts?

I already wear glasses as I’m short-sighted, I just don’t wear them as much as I should. Only last night I had a dream that I was forced to try contact lenses on that were too big for my eyeballs, it was awful.

Excluding sight, what two other senses are your favourites?

Hearing and touching

5 most pleasant things to look at:

Nature, Animals, Rainbows, People, Colours

5 least pleasant things to look at:

The kitchen floor, cigarette holes in clothing, dead cats, self unawareness, baked beans.

Who is the most inspiring woman you know and why?

Mother nature, because she never ceases to arouse me.

What is your favourite thing about yourself?

My 15/20 eyesight

What is on your bedroom walls currently?

A Serato record by Misery, a Moomin poster by Tove Jansson, piece of embroidery by Hannah Louise Fashion and glowing stars.

Favourite clothing / accessory / product at the moment?

A pristine Something Else top I found at The Octavia Foundation shop discounted because my name is Octavia.

Favourite artist at the moment:

Good Wives and Warriors

And finally, any words of advice for people stepping into the creative sector?

Never stop creating, even when you have to work a shitty job just to make bacon, even when you’re blocked and struggling to find inspiration, even when rejection slams the door on your fingers. Because if you stop, so does your journey.

MeloncholyArt2013 3_905

5 responses to “November”

  1. magenta says :

    What an incredible blog/interview!
    Of course I’m totally biased about the amazingly, talented and gifted soul that goes by the pseudonym of Meloncholy.
    Her artwork is an inspiring, creative visual feast that stirs the mind with it’s depths of interest which continually draws in the eye to a facinating intricate web of beauty.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. As Eye Behold says :

    What a phenomenal interview! This artist could be a poetic or soul writer, as well as an incredibly-evocative creative. Lady’s got skills.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Daddy says :

    Awesome xx


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