Nadia Lee Cohen

London-based photographer, Nadia Lee Cohen, recently embarked on her ‘100 naked women’ project which has been met with mixed opinions. Her amazing photographic style is a little surreal and the opposite of natural – her subjects looking like Barbie dolls or mannequins after all – but I really love it! Cohen uses a bold colour palette, pop-culture iconography and striking composition to capture her subjects in a very ‘plastic’ state. The result is contemporary photography with a nostalgic energy that takes us back to the 50s, when pop culture and mass consumerism began to overwhelm our lives. Here are a few images from the series that I like but I would definitely recommend visiting her website to see a whole lot more goodness!

milk floor4choen131cohen

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4 responses to “Nadia Lee Cohen”

  1. Philip Wardlow says :

    Love this…thanks for the post..

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Scritch says :

    what was the mixed opinion? or what did it propose as a critique?
    i can see that all her ladies (posted here at least) conform to the ideal feminine type of shape and face but i’m curious about the debate


    • thevisualfemale says :

      Hi. I might not be much help, I had just read that she had mentioned receiving a mixed response. From what I know, all the women photographed are supposed to be ‘real’ women – as in they are not models. Nadia started photographing her friends and then expanded to women she felt had the right faces for the time she is commenting on. Many of her subjects are of different shapes and sizes – although from what I posted here I can see where your mind went. It’s possible the criticism may be that ‘real’ women were used, so almost the opposite to the point you raise. But then again, I’m not too sure!


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