Friday the 13th

It’s Friday the 13th! This doesn’t really impact me (apart from a few friends to wish happy birthday to, and $13 pizzas at my favourite pizza place). However, I thought I may as well put together some horror inspired images (13 seemed appropriate). I do quite love horror movies (especially Rob Zombie films), and while horror art can be pretty cool, it’s not really something I can imagine hanging in my home. It is something I would be interested in trying for myself though, so maybe these pieces can be inspiration. Enjoy, and enjoy whatever you are up to today, spooky or otherwise! xx

rimelneffiti demone ros kovac buddy-nestor jeremyzombie rubenireland 2653831_6003691_b ryden Las Meninas, NM, 1987 martine johannared AnnieOwensBerenicephillipbankedbrianv

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