Kelly Thompson

I always remember Kelly Thompson. I guess she’s up there with my other contemporary favourite, Audrey Kawasaki. But sometimes you can forget artists you know and love and look for new pieces to share. Discovering is always fun and inspiring, but today I wanted to share some pieces from someone familiar.


I love Thompson’s work. It is beautiful, erotic, sensual, fierce, coy, vulnerable, strong and so much more. The detailing is just right and the colours always work – sometimes muted, sometimes bold. Thompson focuses on my favourite subject matter, the female, and showcases a diversity of emotion and attitudes under the umbrella of femininity.

dluxe_3_1024x1024 kirsten_1024x1024  kelly lilli

karime_kellythompson fashion-illustrations-by-kelly-thompson-5

These are a few pieces I like, but all her work is great so you should check it out here. I also wrote a piece when I started this blog that compared some of her work with Egon Schiele (an old-time favorite) which you can access here. 

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One response to “Kelly Thompson”

  1. Through the Looking Glass says :

    Gosh, that first piece is incredible – stared at it for five minutes, then found Kelly on FB, thanks for the link to her site.


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