I do?

I came across this image and instantly thought “How many people would still get married if they had to do it like this?”


I honestly think it would be one of the greatest tests. Marriage is supposed to be the ultimate commitment and declaration of love to one person, so arguably one would (should) do anything for this. But, as a lot of us know, many marriages are short-lived and are never wholly true to begin with – a mere fantasy of ‘better-ness’ that never arrives. I wonder how many women would still want to commit to that man they believe is the one if they had to bare all in-front of family and friends? If marriage really means so much to people, then I believe that they should want to do it under any circumstance. Yet if all marriage really means to them is a chance to dress up and play princess for a day then they need to reconsider what they are doing.

Have a happy weekend x

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3 responses to “I do?”

  1. jav3d says :

    Love the pic, awesome work!

    I’d probably get lots of “boos” for saying this but people should wake up… its sad to see millions of idiots going into a relationship with ideas and expectations borrowed from hollywood fairytales and TV soaps! THAT IS FICTION!

    A marriage is a social contract! And like all contracts, the only way it works is when each party needs something the other is providing. You can have all the sex, romanticism, living together etc. etc. without having a marriage… I see no harm in that either.

    Happy weekend and sorry folks if I spoiled your dreams 😉 😀


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