It’s Queen’s Birthday weekend, which means a day off for me in little old New Zealand. It’s raining ever so slightly, making it the perfect day to stay indoors and work on my blog. You may notice that I have totally revamped The Visual Female! I thought it was time for a change, and I am quite pleased with the new look, which should also help with blog navigation. Let me know if you agree?

To celebrate the Queen’s 60th coronation anniversary, I am going to show 60 images of her. No, I’m just kidding around. Rather, I have accumulated a few images that draw attention to one’s head – be it adorned in a crown or some other wonder. Oh, and there’s one of Elizabeth, it would be rude not to.

she'sakillerqueen.helengreen queen.felinezegersanna-dittmann.jpeg.pagespeed.ic.6fbP37Rc0V charmaineolivia1 redridinghoos.giulio.rossiqueenalizabeth2.andywarholbellaharris.bamboohair

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